How it works

National teams consisting of householders in participating countries competed for the "Climate Cup" title

The European Citizen Climate Cup is a competition launched on April 2011 until April 2012 ( during the European Sustainable Energy Week) for householders across Europe encouraging them to compete either against each other at a national level or as part of a team at a European level.

People points

Householders were required to register for an “Energy Savings Account” (ESA) by accessing their National Climate Cup web page and regularly insert their energy bill data into the ESA for one year.

To get the most out of this competition it was important that householders kept their ESA up to date , which meant just 10 minutes every 2 months. Throughout the competition, participants were encouraged to implement measures aimed at reducing their energy consumption, these could be simple things such as switching off the lights when leaving the room or larger more structural changes to the homeuse or its envelope.

ESA home

The ESA account stores and registers the data inserted and provides an effective means of administering and controlling the energy consumption.

The ESA also provided information on the competition, it benchmarks energy savings and calculated the reductions in CO2 emissions of the different national teams, monitoring the progress of the competition. It displayed a ranking of the national teams in the competition and helped determine the national “Energy Champions of the Year”.

Furthermore, participants regularly received energy advice and tips on how to reduce energy consumption. User surveys helped to improve the usability of the ESA and provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of individual energy savings measures.