Frequently Asked Questions

ECCC - European Citizens Climate Cup

Who is behind ECCC?

Promoters of the competition are: co2online (Germany), SEnerCon (Germany), Sofena (Bulgaria), Energy Consulting Network (Denmark), Helesco (Greece), WWF Greece (Greece), Tipperary Energy Agency (Ireland), ADICONSUM (Italy), SPES Consulting (Italy), Ekodoma (Latvia), Projects in Motion (Malta), Regional Energy Entity Castilla y León (Spain), Ecoserveis (Spain), Severn Wye Energy Agency (UK).

Who can take part in ECCC? Until when can I register my participation?

All households from any of the participating countries are invited to take part. The competition starts in April 2011. Participants can register for the competition from April 2011 for one year, upto the end of April 2012.

What are the award criteria of the competition?

Achieved energy savings and team size count. Jury members agreed on award criteria for the competition between countries. Additionally, jury members verify the actual energy savings of households as stored by the web-based software "Energy Savings Account" (ESA).

What do I have to do to take part?

Contestants create their own account on their national "Energy Savings Account (ESA)" plattform, which is available through the national project websites. They then enter their consumption and cost data from meter readings and energy bills into the ESA.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No. Participation in the competition and use of the ESA application are free of charge.

How and when will the winners be informed?

The competition ends April 30th, 2012. Evaluation of the results will take place throughout May 2012. Winners will be informed at the end of May 2012 by E-Mail.

Whom can I contact if I have a question regarding the competition?

For further information on the competition please contact the promoters of ECCC in your country through the following links:


What is ESA?

The "Energy Savings Account" (ESA) is a web-based software, which stores and monitors the energy consumption of households.

Why do I have to register and keep an ESA?

Winners are evaluated based on their energy savings documented in their ESA. Additionally, ESA monitors individual household's energy savings as well as energy savings of country teams. To register an ESA, follow the indications on your national website.

Which data do I need to enter into my ESA? How frequently do I need to use my ESA?

The data entered into the iESA is the consumption and cost data from meter readings and from bills. Our tip: Enter bill data as often as you receive bills. Eligible participants enter at least 4 data points: 2 for heat energy consumption (if applicable in their country) through meter readings or bills and 2 for electricity consumption through meter readings or bill information, entered at the competition's start and end.

How secure is my data?

To register an ESA users agree to storage and handling of their personal data by SEnerCon GmbH (Germany), consortium member and operator of the ESA. Data stored in ESA will be used only within the scope of the ECCC competition and ECCC project.